Where You Find Out Who You Really Are

Camp Thrive is an outdoor adventure experience that will challenge your mind, body and spirit.  We are here to help you stretch your comfort zone, push yourself physically and invite you to connect with other amazing human beings – all while having a TON of fun!

Join Us for 4-Days of Pure Adventure and Fun!

Grow your comfort zone.

Think different.

Explore and try new things.

Be a better human being.

Connect to other awesome humans.

Camp Thrive is held in beautiful settings around the west and brings together 200 women in an intimate group setting. You’ll be be both inspired and will inspire others as you stretch yourself, grow from the inside out and encourage one another freely…all while having some truly unforgettable experiences in the process. 

Camp Thrive is a great setting for women who want to camp (sometimes in a tent, RV or cabin) and have fun in the outdoors, but not entirely “rough-it”.

Our camps were created to be a safe, authentic, real camp for women who are ready for more adventures, regardless of their skill level.

The activities are designed for the newbies as well as more seasoned athletes. We know our camps are perfect for you no matter your ability or past experience! 


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“Not all who wander are lost”


Beautiful Scenery


Camp Thrive takes place in epic natural locations throughout the western states.  Beauty abounds and you’ll be inspired from the inside out and outside in.

 Awesome Campers Like You

One thing is for sure, Camp Thrive brings out great people.  If you’re inspired by nature, have a passion for begin active and getting outside, trying new things and breaking through your inner limits…come play with us!

Activities Designed to Challenge You To Grow

Never a dull moment, Camp Thrive promises to deliver one thing – ADVENTURE!

The motto “you’ll have plenty of time to sleep when you die” applies here.  We pack the days with plenty of fun outdoor adventures and the evenings are part inner work, creativity and human connection.