This trip has it all: 100 scenic miles on the JMT, countless alpine lakes, high mountain passes, and great camaraderie!

My legs ached and my breath was short but I concentrated my effort and trudged onward and upward. Above me were only a few more switchbacks before the rocky trail gave way to blue skies and fluffy clouds. A few glute burning moments later I was standing on the top of Selden Pass, breathlessly exclaiming “wow” over and over again, at a complete loss for any other words. The view was phenomenal. The pass looked out over Marie Lake, which sat like a sparkling jewel far below. 

It was only the second day of my 11 day hike with MT Sobek on the northern half of the John Muir Trail (this trip) and I could already tell my time on the trail was going to be memorable. Although, as I made my way up that first pass I was secretly wondering just what I had gotten myself into. By the fourth day I had found my hiking stride, acclimatized, and was having the time of my life hiking past endless lakes, towering granite peaks, and enjoying it all with the best company.